Pin Grading

A Grade Pins:

While all of our pins are handmade and we take great pride in our work, some of our pins may have minor flaws. Pins labeled A grade should not contain any flaws on the face and should be near perfect, no flaws should affect the integrity of the artwork or be seen at first glance.

Flaws that may be found on A grade pins:
Stray specks of glitter, small discolored spots on glittered areas, small bubbling in stained glass, visible defects under translucent enamel, light scuffing on the side of the pin, screenprinting on the metal.

B Grade Pins:

B grade pins may have minor flaws that can not be seen from arms-length, these flaws typically require some inspection to discover.

Examples of B grade pin flaws:

Light scratches, pin pricks, undefiled enamel, and bubbles on pearl.

C Grade Pins:

These defects can be seen without much inspection including big scratches, missing enamel fill, or missing screenprint on obvious areas such as eyes, and cracks in the enamel.

For any questions or concerns about the product you have received, please email us at within one week of receiving your order. Any inquiries received after the one-week grace period may not be addressed.